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We, Orthree Co. LTD., provides you with the contents under the Terms below.
You may not use our website if you do not accept the Terms.

Copy right

All rights reserved. All actionable activities like reproducing, performing and reprinting without permission are prohibited.


The names of our products and services shown on our website are trademarks which we own or have the right to use. The ones of other companies are theirs.


In some cases, we may keep your personal information when you use our website.
Such information will be treated strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Please make sure that you have the right browser to view this page as intended.
If not, please install the latest version of the software each company provides.


We are trying to offer you the accurate and latest information on our website, but we are not able to guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Use it at your own risk.
We are not responsible for the damage caused or being caused by the usage of the data and the related at this sight.
Please be reminded that we are not able to guarantee that the information on our website will be updated or corrected arbitrarily. And the information may change or be cancelled without notice.


You may link to this site freely if it’s not for commercial purpose and you can observe our policy.

  • You may link to our website at freely.You do not need inform us in advance, but please give us your URL from this page If you link.
  • We may request you to cancel the link if the contents of the linked homepage are be offensive to public order and morals.
  • Clearly stipulate that your homepage is linked to ours, when you set up the link.
    Do not set up the link to show our homepage in the frame.
  • Please note that the document files and their contents on our website may change or be cancelled without notice. For whatever reason, we may request you to stop the link.